Product Code : Mega Lux

The both nails between 2 edges of Megalux Panel provide a great advantage for safest and reliable panel connections. Connection elements made from stainless steel Clips could be fixed up to the nails and be assembled to the carrier system. PC-U Lock or Snap-on( Pc connector)could be mounted to the nails of panels with aluminium and steel connectors profiles.These profiles and PC connector covers the combination intersection of Panel and its connections by protecting from outer environment such as waterproof and thermal insulation. Megalux provides higher thermal insulation in its 5 wall structure with air circulation and has unchallenged superiority against the other standard PC applications. The higher light transmission in Megalux system provides Copper,Silver,Gold metalic reflective colors as well as having versality in color options and presenting aesthetic and functional solutions. The two side UV protection application brings a maximum level resistance. The special designed aluminium profiles and other accessories provide easy,fast and smooth installation. Megalux PC panels are easyly bendable, flexible, resistable to the impacts and with its superiority features is a material of quality architectural natural lighting.