38/151 - 7 Ribs Form

Product Code : 38/151 - 7 Hadveli Form

Product Code: 38/151-7 Ribs Form
Net Coverage Width : 906 mm. (Tolerance: ±3 mm.)

Sheet Length : Min. 1000 mm.-Max.12.000 mm.

Application: Roof and Wall Claddings

Production Plant : Istanbul/Iskenderun

Metal Properties : Prepainted Galvanized Steel, Galvanized Steel 
Assan Aluminium product high condition, AW 3000 Series Aluminium Alloy

Assan Panel offers 38/151 profiled sheet for walls, roofs and curved roofs. It enables to apply them not only as roofing and facade coverings, but also as constructional load-bearing profiles for many types of buildings.