Product Code : NOVA5

Product code : NOVA5
Net Coverage Width : 1000 mm 

Application : Roof Claddings

Production Plant : İskenderun

Metal Properties  :  Prepainted Galvanized Steel 
Assan High Conditioning AW 3000 series aluminum production

Insulation : Polyurethane

Thickness of Panel : 30-40-50-60-80-100 mm.

Thickness of External Surface (mm) : 0.50-0.60-0.70mm Prepainted Galvanized Steel/Aluminium

Thickness of Internal Sheet (mm): 0.40-0.50 mm. Prepainted Galvanized Steel/Aluminium

Nova5 and Master Panel 1000R5 with five ribs. Laterally Loaded Panels can be applied as roof coating with a slope of 10% and their greatest advantage is the fast installation thanks to the laterally loaded panel junction.