ADAPOL CONSTRUCTION COMPANY was was established in 2009  by civil engineers serving this sector for 15 years.

ADAPOL CONSTRUCTION COMPANY's main activity; metal and steel construction manufacturing and industrial building structures in line with the membrane types, project development, technical consulting and engineering solutions for detail by creating applications.

ADAPOL CONSTRUCTION COMPANY designed for all kinds of lighting with a wide range of skylight systems, the problem solves by combining it with the practical and aesthetic quality.

ADAPOL CONSTRUCTION in our country and the world, activity in the field of technical and technological developments to the clients by following affordable solutions.If you want to make your special project or special if you think, no adventures.

Call ADAPOL CONSTRUCTION COMPANY,  technical consulting and implementation from the project stage are ready to assist you with our services.

Our principle do not work Profitable, accurate, and have a permanent job.

Our goal is to make true and lasting profit from the work that we do ; in our field of activity, and the brand is to become the only address.

Since our establishment in various parts of Turkey and the world we create in our partnership philosophy and the solution seamlessly thousands 100 m2 field application time was carried out.