Product Code : 1000R4

Product Code : 1000R4
Net Coverage Width  : 1000 mm.

Application : Roof - Wall Claddings

Production Plant : Istanbul

Metal Properties : Prepainted Galvanized Steel (the last layer of polyester paint on liner) Assan Aluminium product high condition, AW 3000 Series Aluminium Alloy

Insulation : Polyurethane

Thickness of Panel: 30-40-50-60-70-80 mm.

Thickness of External Sheet : 0.50-0.60-0.70 (mm) Prepainted Galvanized Steel/Aliminium 

Thickness of Internal Sheet: 0.40-0.50 (mm) Prepainted Galvanized


It is the first, single and real capped sandwich panel. The greatest advantage of Master Panel is that panel
fittings are protected by outer environment effects thanks to a capping profile which covers the panel junction
point and that the problems such as water leaks which occur at panel junction points or at fittings, do not take
place. The optional various color alternatives for capping profiles provide a visual advantage as well. Besides
this, in addition to the roof coating that can be applied with a slope of 5% at minimum, by using Master
Panel; it can be used as wall panel thanks to the capping profile which hides the fittings.